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To help you choose the right web designer for your next project we have prepared some questions that you may wish to ask :-

Do you have a lot of experience of building websites and how long has your company been in business?

It is important to entrust your web project to people who are experienced and capable of delivering professional results

Where are your offices located?

Although by the nature of modern communications it is entirely possible for your web designer to be in a different country to you, sometimes it is nice to know that should 'face to face' meetings be required that travelling long distances won't be an issue.

How long does it take on average to get answers to queries?

As a website develops good designers should keep you informed of progress and answer queries promtly.

What kind of background do you have e.g. graphic design, multimedia, commerce, etc?

The background of your designers is important because it will impact their bias on your project. For example people with a graphic background may emphasise the visual over the practical usability, although this is not necessarily the case.

Do you keep up to date with the latest developments with the internet?

The internet is an evolving technology, so it is important that your web designers are aware of the opportunities that exist. Also it is important that not all new 'gimmicks' are useful in website creation.

Do you have the right range of skills at your desposal to deliver the kind of website that is required for 'our' project?

Different websites require different skills e.g. a shopping cart website requires different knowledge to a 'brochure' style website.

Can we see a portfolio of previous websites you have built?

This will give an indication of the capabilities by seeing a proven track record.

Can you give advice on which company is best suited to host my website?

With hundreds of companies offering hosting, advice like this can be exremely useful.

Can you give me help with choosing and registering a domain name?

This may seem obvious but the right web address could be very helpful to your overall internet strategy.

Will you maintain the website after it is completed?

Different designers have different arrangements for maintenance, some pay per work completed , and some charge a monthly fee regardless of what work is required.

Will you provide me with a fixed quotation for my web project before work is started?

It is important to know what the cost of the project will be, but to be fair to the designers be prepared to pay more if you change your requirements as the project develops.